Play your favorite PS4 games in your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with PlayMira


Do you wanna play your favorite PS4 video games remotely? Is your PlayStation 4 control broken and you need one to play your favorite video games?

Well, don't worry, because if you have an iPhone, an iPad or an iPod Touch you can do that and much more just installing an app.

PlayMira lets you stream your PS4 games to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch so you can enjoy your favorite games without sitting in front of your TV. You can play your games from another room or even while you're out streaming over the Internet.

PlayMira (formerly Playcast) supports HD video at 720p and 60 FPS for crisp, smooth gameplay. Input latency is very low and you are free to control games with any MFi game controller or the built in virtual on-screen controller.


You can customize the layout of the buttons on the remote to your liking and best of all, play with your PS4 remotely via the Internet.

To use PlayMira, your PS4 must be connected to your home network via LAN cable. And for better streaming experience, we strongly recommend having your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch connected to a 5Ghz WiFi network.

In addition, your network PS4 must be linked to a PSN account and your console must be running firmware version 4.05.


PlayMira has a cost of 9.99 dollars and the truth is quite worth it. There's nothing like playing your favorite PlayStation 4 game from your bed or while waiting for the Metro.

You can download the PlayMira app from the App Store just clicking here.

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