Super Mario Run is now available on iOS

Super Mario Run iOS

On your marks, get set, go! Super Mario Run is now available on iOS.

As soon as you download the game you will have access to the first three levels of the game. If you want to unlock all levels (24 in total), you’ll need to fork over $10.

This Mario seems to have been using his break to work out as opposed to eating jelly donuts on the couch. Now Mario has more endurance than ever and no longer requires you to force this pleasantly plump Italian to move. This Mario has initiative. He’s also learned a new trick or two. Chaining jumps together, a long press for longer/higher jumps, and the ability to scale walls.

Super Mario Run has three game modes, which add some excitement to the 24 levels, which you’ll breeze through in no time. World Tour is the first, which features 24 levels in six worlds; Toad Rally is sort of a speed run that allows you to race your friends for time through specific levels; and Mushroom Kingdom is sort of ‘Super Mario Maker’ lite. In it, you’ll get the option to create and customize your own courses.

Don’t forget though, Super Mario Run requires a persistent internet connection. If you drop the internet, you’ll get slapped in the face with a pop-up that tells you to reconnect.

You can grab the game now at the App Store.

Finally, if you have an Android device and want to enjoy Super Mario Run and other exclusive content for iOS, you're still in time to sell your Android device and buy the iPhone you like.

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